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Frank Varela and Dwayne James Team up for B-Team’s Latest Racing Endeavor

  By Michael Galimi Photos by Paul Rosner and Team Race Pages   In true B-Team fashion the idea of competing in Coyote Modified became reality as Hellion Racing’s Dwayne James and Frank Varela were enjoying a few cold adult beverages. James floated the idea past Varela who had … (See More)


Clarification of VP Contingency Certificate Program

VP Racing Fuels generously stepped up in 2014 to offer contingency across all classes in all three series (NMCA, NMRA, and NMCA West). All season many winning racers who have run eligible VP fuels, have received product certificates valued at $300.00 and 150.00 for winner and runner-up racers in … (See More)


Mail-order weld-in Mustang rollcage kits from Team Z Motorsports

Mail-order weld-in rollcage kits from Team Z Motorsports Team Z Motorsports of Taylor, Michigan, recently released their mail-order rollcage kits for the 1979-1993 Mustang chassis. With over ten years of research and development in the Mustang drag-racing marketplace, Team Z Motorsports is … (See More)


An Angel Becomes The Devil

By Michael Galimi Photos by Team Race Pages   “I want to thank the NMRA for making me take a perfectly nice street car and turning it into a badass racecar!” That was the message Richard Lelsz of Strictly Performance left on our voicemail as he announced his intentions to compete in … (See More)


Front lighting harness for Fox Mustangs

  Fast becoming the experts in Fox Body Mustang wiring, Ron Francis Wiring continues to expand on their collection of kits and harnesses for these iconic pony cars, which for any Fox body enthusiast, is a godsend, as the junkyards are drying up, and what is left is often borderline … (See More)


Torque Box Blues

Written by Steve Baur Photography by the Author and Wild Rides Race Cars   We all love our late-model Mustangs, but as we modify them for greater performance and use them at places (like the drag strip) that are beyond the intent of their design, flaws begin to emerge. One area that … (See More)